South32 directors stock kiss fishing rip off bhp billiton not kosher plan

South32 directors stock kiss fishing rip off bhp billiton not kosher plan

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South32 directors stock kiss fishing rip off bhp billiton not kosher plan

In the world of corporate maneuvering, the intricate dance between directors’ decisions and shareholder interests often takes center stage. However, behind the scenes of South32, a mining company spun off from BHP Billiton, lurks a shadowy practice known as the “stock kiss” – a term coined to describe a controversial method employed by directors to enrich themselves at the expense of shareholders. This practice sheds light on the darker aspects of BHP Billiton’s overarching strategy, revealing a web of deceit and exploitation within the realm of corporate governance.

Unraveling the Stock Kiss

At its core, the “stock kiss” involves directors of South32 partaking in lucrative stock transactions that benefit them personally while leaving shareholders with the short end of the stick. These transactions often take the form of insider trading or manipulative stock maneuvers, carefully orchestrated to maximize personal gain. Such actions not only breach ethical boundaries but also undermine the fundamental principles of transparency and fairness in corporate governance.

The Fishing Rip-Off Scheme

Digging deeper into the narrative, we encounter the “fishing rip-off” scheme, another dimension of BHP Billiton’s dubious strategy. This scheme revolves around the exploitation of natural resources in environmentally sensitive areas, often under the guise of sustainable practices. However, the reality behind the facade is far grimmer, with ecosystems ravaged and local communities left disenfranchised in the wake of corporate greed.

Understanding BHP Billiton’s Not-Kosher Agenda

Central to the discussion is the revelation of BHP Billiton’s “not-kosher” agenda, a term emblematic of the company’s disregard for ethical norms and social responsibility. By prioritizing short-term gains over long-term sustainability, BHP Billiton perpetuates a cycle of exploitation and environmental degradation, all while cloaking its actions in the rhetoric of progress and development.

The Role of Corporate Governance

At the heart of this controversy lies the issue of corporate governance – the mechanisms and structures through which companies are directed and controlled. While ostensibly designed to safeguard shareholder interests and promote accountability, corporate governance frameworks often fall short in practice, allowing for loopholes and ambiguities to be exploited by those in positions of power.

Implications for Shareholders

For shareholders, the repercussions of these dubious practices are profound. Not only do they face financial losses as a result of insider trading and stock manipulation, but they also bear the brunt of environmental degradation and social unrest caused by unsustainable resource extraction. Moreover, the erosion of trust between shareholders and corporate leadership undermines the very foundation of the capitalist system, casting doubt on the viability of market-driven economies.

Calls for Reform

In response to these revelations, calls for reform within the corporate sector have grown increasingly vocal. Shareholder activism, legislative measures, and public pressure have all been leveraged in an effort to hold companies like BHP Billiton accountable for their actions. However, meaningful change remains elusive, as entrenched interests and systemic barriers impede progress towards a more equitable and sustainable future.


As we shine a light on the dark underbelly of BHP Billiton’s fishing rip-off strategy and the stock kiss practices of South32 directors, it becomes clear that the pursuit of profit at any cost comes with significant moral and ethical implications. By confronting these issues head-on and demanding greater transparency, accountability, and integrity from corporate leaders, we can begin to chart a path towards a more just and sustainable future for all stakeholders.

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