How to Select a Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Tennessee?

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A divorce can never be easy. It impacts not only the divorcing couple but the whole family as well, particularly the kids. Nothing can compensate for the emotional stress that accompanies the separation. According to Forbes, Tennessee ranks 10th in divorce rate among states in the U.S.

Living in the state, you may always worry about becoming a part of these statistics. What if you want a divorce and child custody? Your stress can lessen if you hire a perfect attorney who assures you the best possible outcome for you and your family.

This article will take you through some key considerations when selecting a divorce and child custody attorney in Tennessee.

Experience and Expertise

You would not want to pin all your hopes on an attorney who does not seem confident and who does not have much on-ground experience. It is a matter of your life.

You cannot settle for less. You should look for someone with unmatched expertise. For example, if you’re looking for representation in child custody matters in Murfreesboro, consider an attorney who has won similar cases before.

According to Hudson, Reed & Christiansen, PLLC, Tennessee law mandates that custody orders be granted in a way that allows both parents to have as much involvement in their child’s life as feasible. Your chosen attorney needs to be very well-versed in every intricate legal detail about separation and child custody.

Proficiency in Communication

You and your attorney need to have impeccable communication. This is the bare minimum you need to establish a cordial professional relationship with your lawyer. At no point can you afford dangling conversations and miscommunication.

A skilled divorce lawyer will pay close attention to what you have to say and provide well-considered answers that show how they see the case. It’s also essential that communication between the two sides be comfortable. This is specifically true if your child is involved in any negotiations or mediation that may take place during this process.

Credibility and the Importance of Local Search

In the legal field, a lawyer is as good as his name. A competent divorce lawyer in your town or city will enjoy a strong reputation both within the community and among other experts in the same sector.

Be an online sleuth. Dig deep into every review, every recommendation, and the success records of prospective lawyers.

In today’s digital world, most professionals have websites that speak about their credibility. One important aspect of websites that aim to entice consumers is that they are very local keyword-heavy. You will stand a better chance of finding the perfect lawyer for your case if you narrow your search to your town.

Say, for example, you are a resident of Murfreesboro and want to separate from your spouse and also win your child’s custody. A search phrase like “attorneys in Murfreesboro, TN”, will be more effective in obtaining relevant online hits.


The attorney’s availability to you, your children, and your spouse is inevitable. Why would you want to waste your hard-earned money on a lawyer who keeps you on the back burner?

For instance, your attorney needs to be available to you if you want to discuss a piece of evidence late at night. What if this is the only time you can talk about your case without distraction?

Moreover, when in court, every second matters. Missed appointments or delays cannot be afforded. Let’s say that you are fighting for visitation or custody of your child. Then, having an attorney available when needed, can help you spend those precious moments with your child, under legal supervision.


The cost involved in a legal separation depends on several factors. It can differ based on the location of the case, how complicated it is, and whether it is being contested or not.

Disputed divorces will take more time to get resolved, elevating the expenses. The fee for divorce will also increase with the number of hearings, court appearances, and the children being fought for.

The following parameters might come in handy:

  • Their practice’s hourly rate.
  • Whether they bill for the time they spend doing research, drafting briefs and motions, or performing other case-related duties.
  • Are there any unseen charges (such as filing costs)?

A Good Hold On Tennessee’s Laws

Your lawyer needs to be abreast of the Volunteer State’s residency requirements. In Tennessee, you can file for divorce under the following conditions:

  • Before you filed for divorce, you or your spouse had resided in Tennessee for at least six months.
  • The divorce’s grounds (or rationale) arose during your time in Tennessee.

These are state-specific criteria; your representative needs to be at home while fighting for you. Take this tricky case for example:

The state stipulates that you need to notify your spouse if you are filing for a divorce. Now this can happen in multiple ways. You can send a correspondence to them, or have the court do it for you. However, if you do not know their address, then you can inform them via a newspaper article. Sounds simple, right?

The catch here is that if you choose to go the newspaper way, you cannot seek any alimony. Such subtle clauses make it imperative for you to hire a local experienced lawyer for your case. Their involvement can have huge bearings on your child custody too. A small blip and you can lose your little one forever.

To conclude, selecting the right divorce and child custody attorney is a crucial decision that will significantly impact your life and the lives of your children. Prioritize experience, clear communication, and a deep understanding of Tennessee’s family law landscape.

By working with a skilled and dedicated attorney, you can navigate this challenging chapter with greater clarity. Remember, the right representation can empower you to move forward with confidence and build a secure future for yourself and your family.

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