Types Who Frequent Shopping Centers Crossword Clue

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Types Who Frequent Shopping Centers Crossword Clue

A crossword clue is a hint or a prompt given in a crossword puzzle to help the solver find the correct answer. It typically consists of a combination of words, numbers, or symbols that provide clues to the solution of a particular word or phrase. Crossword clues can be straightforward or cleverly disguised, and they often require the solver to think critically, use wordplay, and consider multiple possible interpretations.

Rank Word Clue
94% MALLSORTS Types who frequent shopping-centers?
2% CORES Apple centers
2% ADDTOCART Online shopping button
2% SAINTS Virtuous types
2% SOTS Tipsy types
2% YOLKS Breakfast centers?
2% SPREES Shopping binges
2% PITS Apricots’ centers
2% CONSORTS Study types who can act as companions
2% ASPS Cobra types
2% PLAZA Shopping centre
2% SPREE Shopping ___
2% SORTS Types
2% MALLS Shopping centers
2% AISLES Shopping centers?
2% MARTS Shopping centers
2% PLAZAS Shopping centers
2% ARCADES Shopping centers
2% STORES Shopping centers.
2% MIRES Shopping centers.


Shopping Centers Crossword Clue Types


Types- Who Frequent Shopping Centers Characteristics
Shopaholics Addiction to shopping, multiple credit cards, may go into debt
Fashionistas Passionate about fashion, keep up with the latest trends
Bargain Hunters Love to find a good deal, skilled in finding the best deals
Socializers Enjoy the social experience, often go shopping with friends or family
Window Shoppers Enjoy browsing through stores without any intention of making a purchase
Foodies Love to try new foods and drinks, explore different cuisines
Tech Enthusiasts Passionate about technology,
  1. Clue: Shopping center with multiple stores and restaurants (9 letters) Answer: Mall
  2. Clue: Outdoor shopping center with various shops and eateries (8 letters) Answer: Plaza
  3. Clue: Small shopping center with a few stores and services (5 letters) Answer: Strip
  4. Clue: Large shopping center with a wide range of shops and amenities (10 letters) Answer: Complex
  5. Clue: Shopping center that specializes in discounted goods (8 letters) Answer: Outlet
  6. Clue: Shopping center with luxury brands and high-end shops (7 letters) Answer: Boutique

Please note that crossword clues and answers can vary depending on the specific puzzle and its context. Always refer to the clues and answers provided by the crossword puzzle you are working on for accuracy.





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